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Teaching Staffs (Faculty and Research Scholars)

(Associate Professor)

  Satoyuki TANAKA

  • Research on fracture mechanics analysis of welded joints
  • Research on analysis of buckling and final strength of stiffened panels
  • Research on mesh-free/particle methods
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    (Assistant Professor)

      Hanlin WANG

  • Research on thermomechanical fracture behavior of marine structure by peridynamics
  • Research on structure health monitoring of wind turbine by iFEM
  • Research on meshfree methods
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    Graduate School Course's Students

    (Doctoral Course)

      Kengo MAEDA  /  Septia Hardy SUJIATANTI  /  Mingjyun DAI


      Hiroki TAKAHASHI  /  Thin Thin HTUT


      Naoki TAKANO  /  Shun NAGATSUKA  /  Anh Huy NGUYEN

    School (Undergraduate) Course's Students & Other Research Students


      Asami ONO  /  Akihiro TAKATA  /  Keisuke TAMURA  /  Keigo FUJIMOTO

    (Research Student)

      Zhekai CHEN