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Staffs Enrolled in Our Laboratory in the Past

  • Prof. Emer. Arata KANEKO
  •     Innovative measurement of coastal environments by use of acoustic tomography,

        Real-time monitoring and forecasting of the Indonesian Archipelago Sea,

        Acoustic tomography measurement of the Kuroshio Current and its associated currents

        Introduction of research is hereļ¼ˆResearch NOW: Edition 30)

       # He had been our laboratory's professor until March, 2015.
          (After that, specially-appointed professor until March, 2018, and continue to be researcher.)

  • Noriaki GOHDA
  •    # He had been our laboratory's associate professor.
          (After that, continue to be researcher.)

  • Hideo NAKAJIMA
  •    # He had been our laboratory's assistant professor.