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Introduction of Our Laboratory

Our laboratory (research group) belongs to the Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC). The school was established in April, 1994, with the objective of educating specialists who can contribute to the development of developing countries. The program for marine development technology is prepared in the Development Science Division of the school.

# From MEMBER's page, you can see research themes of our laboratory.

The research activities show the interest of staff members in basic investigation on marine development technology and the current topics are follows.

  • Design and maintenance techniques for cathodic protection systems of large marine structure
  • Measureing techniques for welding residual stress by using X-rays
  • Marine development and environment preservation
  • Marine transportation technology
  • Remote sensing of coastal environments
  • In addition, the research topic which is contributed to the international cooperation with the developing countries in the field of marine technology (and meteorology, hydrology, ecology, rivers coastal engineering, oceanography, environmental economics, ... etc.) is also welcome. And, our laboratory provides a wide range of research opportunities on marine development technology under the cooperations with laboratories in
    Department of Transportation and Environmental Systems (Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering).