Structural Systems

Japanese version is here (OLD) and here (NEW).

Analysis and design of ship and offshore structures related to a buckling/plastic collapse strength of structural members and systems are the major research areas at this laboratory. Primary attentions have been focussed on the buckling/plastic collapse behaviour of continuous stiffened plating considering initial welding imperfections and plate/stiffener interactions, ultimate limit state formulation of structural members and systems and its application to the reliability-based safety assessment and structural optimization, and the development of efficient computational model for the nonlinear structural analysis of large structural systems. Several interconnected workstation computers and testing facilities are available for the educational and research activities. The current research subjects are:

stiffened plate
Buckling collapse of stiffened plate

Cylindrical shell collapse test
Buckling collapse of cylindrical shell Collapse test of internally reinforced tubular join under brace compressin