Towing Tank

Towing Tank Movable Floor of Towing Tank

In the towing tank, models of ships or offshore structures are towed by a towing carriage for motion and hydrodynamic forces to be measured. A wavemaker is at the one end of the tank to realize phenomena in waves. A triming tank is at the other end to set models. The tank is partially 10m in breadth.

Tank Dimensions

Towing Carriage

Towing Carriage Photos

The carriage towing models runs on the rails lying on both sides of the tank. The carriage speed can be controlled arbitrarily by an external signal. The breadth of the measuring open space is adjustable.


Sub-Carriage Photos

Equipped to the towing carriage, the subcarriage moves laterally and rotates to realize an arbitrary planar motion cooperating with the towing carrage.


Wavemaker Photos

To simulate ocean waves the wavemaker generates regular and irregular waves with a prescribed wave spectrum. It is a plunger type and driven electically.

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