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Teaching Staffs (Faculty and Research Scholars)

(Associate Professor)


  • Research on measurement systems for securing safety of structures
  • Research on power-saving control for transportation equipment systems
  • Research on design and safety assurance of ship engine module systems
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    (Associate Professor)

      Yoshikazu TANAKA

  • Electromagnetic and structural coupled phenomenon and its analysis method
  • Nondestructive inspection method for structure and fatigue strength
  • Energy harvesting using piezoelectric materials
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    Graduate School Course's Students

    (Doctoral Course)



      Ryotaro KOSASA  /  Shu HARADA


      Kazuhiro ISHIKAWA  /  Taichi HARADA

    School (Undergraduate) Course's Students & Other Research Students


      Tomoya KOTANI  /  Kazuki SHIMOJOH  /  Shinpei DOHMOTO  /  Taiki NIKAWA  /  Hiroki MIYAMOTO

    (Research Students)