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Teaching Staffs (Faculty and Research Scholars)


  Hidetsugu IWASHITA

  • Research on aerodynamic performance and airworthiness of WIG aircraft
  • Research on motions in waves of an offshore wind power platform
  • Research on theoretical estimation methods for seakeeping performance of high-speed ships
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    (Associate Professor)

      Yuji SAKUNO

  • Coastal environment assessments using remote sensing
  • Off-shore wind power resource assessments using remote sensing
  • PM 2.5 detection technology using remote sensing
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    (Assistant Professor)

      Naokazu TANIGUCHI

  • Research on the acoustic tomography technology of marine environment
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    Other Research Staffs

      Haoran SUN

    Graduate School Course's Students

    (Doctoral Course)

      Shilin SONG


      Tatsuya KANBARA  /  Hiroki SAKAMOTO  /  Ryoma TANAKA


      Yuu HARADA  /  Keisuke YAGI

    School (Undergraduate) Course's Students & Other Research Students


      Yusuke ANDOH  /  Tomoya OKADA  /  Naoki OKUTANI  /  Kento HIRASE  /  Ryusei FUKUMITSU  /
      Soichiro MATSUMOTO

    (Research Students)